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April 11, 2009

Collect Reusable Grocery Bags!

Reusable grocery bags are a great way to reduce plastic waste. Some stores even offer a credit off your grocery bill when you use your own reusable bag. Check with the grocery store in your local area. We have two Harris Teeters locally, one gives a credit and one doesn’t. Even without the credit off your bill, these bags are a great resource. They also make wonderful and USEFUL gift bags!

So where can you score some FREE reusable bags?

Kroger is offering a FREE bag to anyone that designs a tote online HERE. I designed mine last week and .99 cent was credited to my Kroger card. I picked up my free bag today. You can view my reusable bag HERE. The other great thing is you will be entered in a contest to win $1,000, yeah!

Gina over at Fun, Fabulous, and Frugal tells you how you can get a FREE bag courtesy of Kraft.

Take a pledge at Earthbound Farm, and the first 10,000 pledges each week will earn a FREE reusable tote. Mark your calendar to submit your pledge on Monday HERE.

And if you are desperate for a reusable bag ASAP, head out to your local Kroger. I found a great reusable tote at my Kroger today for .01 cent! Yes, you read correctly, one shiny penny will get you this great tote.

If you know of any other places to score a FREE reusable tote, leave us a comment. We would love to here from you!


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