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I screen, You Screen, We ALL should Sunscreen

April 12, 2009

LETS Make up for under $20.00

The best bargain for under $20 bucks this week is at CVS. CVS has a promotion going on if you spend $25 in Aveeno products you get $10 in Extra Care Bucks. This is “money” that will show up on your receipt. This “money” can be used at CVS on your next visit (or your next transaction). I believe this to be the best deal because it is important to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen daily Aveeno does so effectively.

Here is what I did
1) Check the sales flyer before leaving home.. or go online CVS

2) Sign up at Aveeno because they have an amazing promotion going on I cut out the buy 3 products get $10.00 off.
3) Next, I go to the store and find the extra care card scanner (it is a red box).
4) Scan your extra care card for additional coupons (if a scanner doesn’t exist ask the cashier to do this for you).
5) Go get your products.
I bought positively ageless sun block $10.99,
positively ageless daily cleanser $9.99 and positively ageless firming body lotion $8.99
My total was $29.97
Then I handed the cashier my spend $20 get $4 off which I got from the card scanner.
Then I gave the cashier the $10.00 off coupon final price is $15.97.
Finally, I paid (15.97 and tax) and got $10.00 Extra care bucks to be used next time. Final price was $5.97 for three products or about $1.99 each. If you do not get the coupon for $4 off your total would be $9.97 which is $3.32 each item. Still amazing since the sunscreen alone is normally $10.99.

I did a face product, body product, and all over sunscreen. You could just do 3 sunscreens for $10.99 each- $10 Aveeno coupon- $10 CVS ECB= 12.97 total or 4.32 each bottle

Or 3 of the body firming lotion $8.99= $26.67- $10.00 Aveeno coupon HERE
– $10 ECB= $6.67= $2.22 each

Or 3 of the face cleansers $9.99= 29.97- $10.00 Aveeno coupon HERE
– $10 ECB= $9.97 = $3.32 each

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