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On NO it Doesn’t FIT..

April 13, 2009

3 Ways to avoid Maternity clothes and save some Bucks in the process

1) B-Buckle accesarry that allows you to wear your non-maternity pants late into your pregnancy!
It is currently on sale for just $9.98. Why wear maternity clothes until the last moment?

2) I bought this Bellaband and loved it. I even wore it after I had the baby under my sweaters.
Bellaband $26

You can make your own if you want to save even more money. Thanks Chelle

3) Go on Ebay and type in Maternity clothing lot (insert your size)…. You can buy name brand Maternity clothes for less. I lived in my Maternity Seven for All Mankind jeans and dresses by Lilly Pulitzer Maternity. I have an expensive jean problem ,but I have only paid full price once. On Fashion Friday I will share my secrects to finding jeans that fit your shape and your budget.
Oh Baby … You are here …
and the clothes I have for you do not fit. YIKES!
Well it happens you have a child and you get all sorts of wonderful gifts. These generous offerings are matched exactly to the season based on your child’s age in months. Well your baby is not the average child. He or She is larger than the clothes you have. Here is one product that I have found to stretch my clothing dollar by stretching the “onesie“.
Extenders For just $5.50 you can save tons

How do you save money when it came to your Maternity look or Kid’s clothing?
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