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It’s NOT Just a Piece of Paper

April 16, 2009

What is a COUPON?

Beginner Coupon Users: Well, the first thing you need to know when you start using coupons is what exactly they are! There are actually different types of coupons. The most common type of coupon is a manufactures coupon. These coupons are put out by companies in order to promote their product. You can find manufactures coupons in the Sunday paper, in the grocery store, in magazines and printable ones online. You can use a manufactures coupon at ANY store that accepts coupons.







Stores also sometimes put out their own coupon. A few stores that regularly have their own coupons are Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Food Lion. Store coupons can be found online, in the snail mail, in the store and in the circulars.

A coupon will always have some sort of barcode on it. Most likely, they will also have an expiration date. It is illegal to copy a coupon. You can only use one manufactures coupon per item you are purchasing. When a coupon is for a free item, usually the maximum value will be listed somewhere in fine print. These are the basic facts about a coupon!

Intermediate Coupon Users: Did you know that you can stack coupons? No I don’t mean in a pile! Coupon stacking is combining a manufactures coupon with a store coupon. I do this quite frequently at CVS. Here is an example: Buy 2 bottles of Pantene Shampoo which are on sale for 2/$7. I then used a CVS coupon (which printed out when I scanned my card at the red box) $3 off any two hair products. Then I gave the manufactures coupon for $3 off of two products. Total after coupons: $1. BUT, this deal is even nicer since $2 in Extra Care Buck’s (ECB’s) printed out! ECB’s are like CVS money good on your next purchase. So, after all of that I got two free shampoos and actually made $1 in ECB’s!

Remember, when you stack coupons, always give the store coupon before the manufactures coupon. This is especially true when you are using money off coupons.

Advanced Coupon Users: Okay experts, did you know there is a way to tell if a manufactures coupon will double even if it says “Do Not Double”? The very first number on the barcode to the left is the key. If the barcode starts with a 5, it should double no problem automatically when scanned. If the barcode starts with a 9, you are out of luck! Many blinkie (coupons found in machines at stores) start with the number 9. Do you see the 9 above (the very first one)? This coupon will not automatically double.




Now I have to say, it does depend on the cashier. Most of the time cashiers scan without reading the coupon. All they are focused on is if the coupon scans without beeping. However, I have had one cashier (yes, only one in my long time of coupon using!) pull out all of the “Do Not Doubles” so they would not automatically double. I just want to warn you that this could happen, but it is unlikely.

REMEMBER, every store has their own coupon policy. Be aware of the current coupon policy at each store. They do change their policies and it is always handy to carry around a copy of the corporate policy.


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