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Lets get ready to Coupon at CVS

April 21, 2009

CVS is a great place for you to start saving money. CVS has so many great products for little to no money if you gather your coupons and subscribe to our blog. We decided to use Video blogs to help our readers understand what we are talking about. I am not a television professional. You will also have to look beyond my son’s Bob the Builder tool bench and focus on how coupons are useful. I tried to steal a couple of minutes so that I could share what I have learned. I hope it helps you and your family.

We were like many of you. We thought that coupons take so much time. We would never remember to bring them with us. We really didn’t understand how using them could make such a huge impact on our lives. It really is a choice do you want to pay more for the same product or not? Do you want to make money while shopping?? I have now decided that my coupon binder is my third child and it is coming everywhere! I have cut my food budget by roughly 50% which is amazing since we added another person to our family. I refuse to eat cereal, mac and cheese, tuna out of the can.. etc to save money. I like my food and I refuse to give it up. I also refuse to give up my lifestyle while I am working at home. I think life is about balance. I have transformed my spending in hopes of providing more for my family on a smaller budget. I have put what I save to good use by investing it in my children’s future. When you watch the video let us know what you want more information on. How can we help you reach the financial goals that you have set for yourself and your family? Happy shopping!

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