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What’s for dinner Wednesday??

April 29, 2009

Do you often wonder what do I do with all this stuff I bought on sale?
Are you eating the same meal over and over again?
We are here to help you out.
Disclaimer- I am not a chef in fact for ten years my husband thought I didn’t know how to cook. I figured why cook when he would??? Well times have changed and I am the one in the kitchen and buying the groceries. I would also like it noted that I was in a cooking co-op for a couple of years and people liked my cooking. I will put together easy recipes using the sale items at two different grocery stores each week. Please, feel free to give ideas as well.

This week at Harris Teeter cook up some London broil on the grill

Top Round London Broil on sale buy one get one free or just $2.65 LB Buy One unless you stockpile
Take the London broil and place it in a bag with a seal
add one bottle of French Dressing Buy one get one free

buy 1 use the coupon from 3/29 for $1.50 off cost free)
Leave it to marinate one hour
Place the steak in a dish and then pierce it with a fork. Grill over hot coals then you will need to cut it diagonally in very thin strips. Serve hot

Serve with La Brea Baguette one sale for $1.50

Harris Teeter frozen vegetables $.77

Total- $4.99 Enjoy!!
(great lunch as well on the baguette with Worcester sauce)

This week at Kroger’s

Tyson chicken drumsticks and thighs $1.99lb which is approx 60% off
Wash chicken, pat dry, place on a cooking sheet
Then apply olive oil with a brush
Then apply spices of your choice 2 tsp of salt and ½ tsp of pepper is super add some garlic, rosemary or paprika
Place in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes check you meat thermometer to make sure it is cooked

Serve Asparagus at just $1.99 a pound steam it up on the stove and add a little pepper or salt to taste. It usually takes about 8-10. The stems will turn a bright green color. Then just toss with salt, pepper, butter, or lemon.

Naturally preferred organic potatoes $2.00 for a 3lb bag which is a savings of 40%
Potato instructions

Pillsbury brownies $1.00 a box

Total- $6.98

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