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Got $20.00 bucks?

April 30, 2009

So what can you get for $20 when you coupon? Well okay so my bill was $20.58..
Coupons used $67.89
Total vic savings $27.65
= $95.54 to spend on something other than baby food… check out my fashion finds!
Email us at if you are interested in learning how to do this.

.. at Harris Teeter here is what I got.

All detergent $3.99 but it was free if you spent $50.00 with a registered evic card
3 Gerber juices $2.69 each used 3 $.75 off coupons final price just $.44 each
2 Gerber puffs $2.59 each used $.75 off coupon final cost $2.93 for both
18 Jars of baby food used a variety of coupons like buy 4 save $.75 or Buy 2 save $.50 total
spent about $.25 a jar or plastic container (bought organic)
Mueller pasta $.88 used the buy 2 get $.55 off coupon = $.11 for two bags
Huggies wipes $3.29 – $.75 = $1.04 each
Charmin normally 13.99 but a vic special if you spent $50.00 $3.99 used a $1.00 coupon making it $2.99
Poweraid $1.59 each had to buy two for coupon of $.75 off about $.46 each
Aqua fresh toothpaste $2.99 but FREE if you buy $50.00 worth of groceries
Grande Tortilla chips $2.25 used $.75 coupon free BOUGHT 2 bags got $2.00 off of meat
Went and pick out $3.00 worth of meat which cost me $1.00

Saved $67.89 I bought thingsI needed at a SUPER price!!


1st Register your Harris Teeter card to get these awesome deals
2nd look in your binder to find all the good coupons $.75 and ones that will make the product $.50 or less
3rd Go to the store find your products use all 20 coupons
4th Have your groceries rung up
5th Then give them your VIC card
Finally pull out your 20 coupons and Listen to the BEEPS!!!
Important tip!
Know when to hold onto your coupons and now when to spend them (I saved all of my baby food coupons for this deal)
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