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JCREW under $20.00

May 1, 2009
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This week in fashion for $20.00 or less I set out to find jean shorts that fit, are flattering, have a detail, can be worn dressed up or down, and most importantly were under $20.00. I always shop in JCREW for my T-shirts which are on sale for $15.00 this week. Their T-shirts are the best! They wash well and fit well. Their clothes are fun, classic with a twist, and usually expensive. They do, however, have an amazing sales rack. I found my shorts for $19.99. I have to say I did buy two other things this week because I saved $70 on my grocery order. I bought a yellow tank top from JCREW for $1.99 and a pair of sun glasses at the dollar tree. I need a pair to bring to the pool and leave in the pool bag.

The tip I have for you this week is look, look, look, and look everywhere never discredit a store. They ALL have sales. I have gotten some amazing deals from the high end department stores. You just have to be patient and diligent.

I picked these shorts because of the length, fabric, fit, and style. I will show you how I will add them in my ever expanding wardrobe that I am building each week with just $20.00 or less and my $100.00 for my season splurge (still have $74.00 left I only bought the $26.00 yellow coat.)

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