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Kmart Super Double Match-ups

May 2, 2009

Are the out of town readers ready for Kmart Super Double Coupons?

Starting tomorrow, May 3rd through May 9th; select Kmart locations will be doubling coupons up to and including $2.00! The limit is 25 coupons per day.

You can find coupon match-ups HERE and HERE .

Please note that prices may vary from store to store. These lists will give you an idea of what to expect though. There are many FREE items!

Never done Kmart doubles before? Check out my earlier post HERE for tips!

My suggestions for what to buy: FREE items of course! Then I go for what my family NEEDS. In my case, I always stock up on diapers. Huggies will be $7.99 and Pull-Ups will be $6.99 after coupons. Also cleaning products are usually a good deal; if not FREE they are usually really cheap.

As I stated in the earlier post, I am a little jealous as my Kmart is not participating. After opening my mail today, I am even more jealous! Back in March Glamour Magazine ran a promotion for a FREE $25 Kmart gift card if you sent in your $50 of receipts from Kmart. Well can you guess? MY $25 Kmart Gift Card came today! I will save it for the next time my Kmart has Super Doubles~!

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