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We got IT and YOU want IT Day 2

May 2, 2009
Here is what is in the BOX for Day 2 of the Giveaway!

Rite Aid Free Items

Organix Hair Conditioner: On sale for Buy One, Get One Free. Sent in for MIR of $6.99 for the one I had to pay for.

Vitamin Shampoo: Buy One, Get One Free. Sent in for a MIR of $6.99 for the one I had to buy.

So, I got (4) bottles of shampoo and conditioner for FREE! I am putting 2 of those bottles in your box! Both the MIR were found on hang tags at CVS and Rite Aid.

Harris Teeter Free Items

Aquafresh Toothpaste: I registered my VIC card online HERE . Every week there are weekly promotions called e-VIC. You will get an e-mail with the details of the promotion every week.This week I got FREE toothpaste for spending $50 in one trip (Note: the $50 is BEFORE coupons or sales are deducted; yipee!)

CVS Free Item

Soft Soap Ensembles Refill: $3.99 I used a (2) -$2.00 coupons from the CVS magazine Reinventing Beauty. When you buy 2 you get $4.00 in Extra Care Bucks which makes them FREE.

From the Mail

Many companies will send FREE samples in the mail. These samples almost always contain great coupons too! I try to register for as many samples as I can. Note: you want to create a junk e-mail account just for samples and such.

GoodNites Sample: I am including a GoodNites sample with a $2.00 coupon. The sample came in pink and I have two boys!

Come back tomorrow to see what we find for FREE! Amee and I are heading out for a HUGE shopping trip. Chances are, there will be great items added tomorrow!

If you have not entered yet Enter Here Fill out the form. We have implemented the form entry method in order to better protect your e-mail address. If you entered through the comments, be rest assured we will enter you through the form method!

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  1. May 2, 2009 8:25 pm

    Ok MadameDeals… I wanted to post some feedback on your great tips!

    CVS — Purchased SIX 12-packs of Pepsi Products (got 1 lunch cooler free); pantyhose; 2 deodorants and 1 big tube of Crest. After last week’s CVS Extra bucks and this weeks coupons and deals, I paid almost $10 PLUS received $3 Extra bucks back for next time and some other store coupons.

    Then I went to Harris Teeter because what a great promotion — TRIPLE Coupons. As you advised, I pulled my best 20 coupons for tripling and a few others of things I needed. My before-coupon total was $84. AFTER coupons, I paid $40.67. Now that might not seem so great – HOWEVER, I purchased 2 “splurge” items that I did not intend on purchasing (1 Freezer Jelly Pack for $7.99 that had an instore coupon for $1 off and 1 Pork Tenderloin for $9.99 with a $2 instore coupon). So, even with my splurge items that were about $14 of my expense, I felt like I did pretty well for being a novice and as you promised, cut my bill by greater than 50%.

    THANKS to Keep the tips coming!


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