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Monthly Review

May 4, 2009

First, a reminder.

Did you print out a Mail in Rebate form on Earth Day for the Recycled Reynolds Wrap Foil? If so, make sure you purchase your foil by today! I purchased mine this week at Harris Teeter during triple coupons. I used the .55¢ coupon making the foil .74¢. I will now send in for the rebate and actually make a little money!

Now let’s do a REVIEW today!

We have many new readers and I want to make sure that all of you have had a chance to learn how to make money!

First, you may want to review what a “money maker” means HERE. Some of the best places to get money maker products are at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target. All of these stores have store coupons that you can combine with manufactures coupons. The drug stores also have rewards programs.

If you missed the post about Mail in Rebates (MIR) go HERE. MIR’s are a great way to try new products for FREE! Sometimes you can even turn a MIR into a moneymaker, such as my Reynolds foil. Things to remember about MIR’s:

· Always collect all of the data necessary; UPC code, receipt, form, etc.
· Only purchase MIR items if you have the money upfront to cover the out of pocket expense. MIR’s can take 6-8 weeks or even longer to come.
· Get organized with a filing system. Have a folder for MIR forms that you will possibly use, one for MIR’s submitted and a folder for receipts in case you come across a MIR at a later date.

The Cargivers Market Place is another way to earn money back on your baby care or adult care items. You can earn .75¢ back on each Jumbo package of Huggies you buy. Plus there are many more items earning cash back. Find out more HERE.
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