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Helpful Heather

May 5, 2009

First, there are a few things you must know about me. I am not a girly-girl, but I like pretty, girly things like flowers and nice smelling perfume. Now, I also live in a house filled with men (perhaps that’s why I like the nice smelling perfume??!) All kidding aside, I like flowers and yet, in the community where I live water is slightly expensive. In addition I am trying to do my part to help save the environment.

Here are a few tips that might help you. I would first suggest that you shower with a bucket in your shower. No, seriously. This was a tip I learned when we first moved into our current house and we were under some water rationing conditions. How many of you turn on your shower in the morning and let it run a minute or two until it reaches *just* the right temperature? You are paying for that water and letting it run down the drain. If you have a bucket in your shower you can collect that water and then save it to water the flowers and other plants later on. I usually had an empty gallon milk jug on hand that I would store the “flower/plant” water in. Then I could just leave the bucket in my shower. Important: Please label your jug “flower/plant water” do an unsuspecting person doesn’t drink it!

Another place to get “free” water is from your air conditioner/ heat pump. **Now I will add this disclaimer – just check with Miss Utility and whomever you have servicing your air conditioning (heat pump) unit first to make sure there aren’t any other power or cable lines or something that you may run into that would be harmful. That said, if you look near your heat pump, you will surely see some pipes where the moisture is pulled out of the house in an effort to cool it. Simply dig a hole large enough to accommodate a three to five gallon bucket (or you may be needing to empty it more often) near where these pipe drain out and use that as a water collection area. If that is too much for you, not to worry, a similar thing can be done if you have a dehumidifier for your home – simply take that water and instead of dumping it out, pour it in some empty gallon milk jugs and use those to water both house plants as well as plants outside.

Lastly, we have a rain barrel. Our local river conservation society allows you to purchase one ( I got mine as a Mother’s Day gift two years ago) and that is another way to collect “free” water. Mine holds a significant amount of water and the spigot allows for a hose connection (though you must have a lot of water to get the pressure needed, so I just fill a watering can and go from there) Here is a link to our local river conservation society – This is current information, however they only take cash or checks for this particular thing because in a sense the garden shops are like a third party vendor for the conservation society.
Happy watering!
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