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20 Minutes for $20 at Platos Closet

May 10, 2009
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom’s you are all wonderful! We are enjoying reading all of your entries. Here are a few highlights!

Gina: “I can get a cup of coffee ready to go (essential), clean up what appears to be a gallon of pee from the bathroom floor (not a drop in the potty, not sure how that happens), put shoes on myself and my child, load up the car with a bike a helmet, my purse, snacks, drinks, and of course my coupon binder. Oh and I forgot to mention kid responsible for a gallon of pee on the floor also need a full outfit change:) Then we were off to do some yard sales and go to the park. Pheeeeww!”

Joyce: “Twenty minutes? Burn over 200 calories on a run or clean two bathrooms and vac the house. Or rock my grandbaby to sleep. Or help my high schooler with her homework. I could sweep the driveway and water my garden. Wow…in twenty minute blocks I could get a lot done!”

Deanne: “Iron Shirts,Practice my choreography for my group exercise classes, Vacuum bedroom floor,BLOG,Fold clothes & Put away,Watch The Biggest Loser on DVR while I’m ironing,Send pictures to to have them developed!
I’m seriously doing this right now!!!”

We hope you all have a restful day and maybe slow down on the multitasking a bit. Just for one day, come on, you can do it!

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