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Where are the Coupons?

May 11, 2009
Today I would like to spend some time telling you where you can get coupons. After all, coupons are like money! Did you know that coupons are not just available in the Sunday Paper? They are found in a multitude of places.

In Stores: When you are walking down the store isles, keep an eye out for coupons. Many stores have little machines that produce coupons called “blinkies”. I do NOT recommend emptying the machine. However, taking a couple for future use is acceptable. Stores also have tear pads of coupons. In drug stores, look near the pharmacy or at the checkout counter. Also look in the refrigerated drink section.

From Samples: I love registering for samples! The best part about samples is that more often than not, the sample will come with a high dollar amount coupon.

So, remember coupons are money!
From Packages: Do you look inside a package before you throw it away? You should! Some companies put coupons on the inside of a box, on the instruction pamphlet or loose within the product. I recently found a coupon on the back of a yogurt lid (yeah kind of gross, but it washed up nicely!). How about on the outside of the box? Have you ever noticed some products have “peelies” coupons you can peel off and use instantly at the checkout?

Online: You can print coupons online. These are called Internet printable coupons. Although there is some controversy over these coupons, most stores do take them now. NEVER copy a coupon. This is fraud and one of the biggest reasons stores are leery of the Internet printable coupons. You can print coupons from our sidebar at, at, at, or to name a few. Tip: to print a coupon twice, hit the browsers back button once the coupon is sent to your printer. Refresh the page and hit print again.

Sign up for Newsletters: Many companies offer e-mail newsletters. I sign up for these since they will often offer promotions and occasional coupons.

In Magazines: There are many magazines that have coupons in them. I am addicted to coupons, so the first thing I do when I get a new magazine is flip through quickly to look for coupons! While waiting at Jiffy Lube recently, I started flipping through their old magazines in the waiting area. There were a ton of coupons no one ever bothered with! Yes, I know I have a coupon addiction problem!
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