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Tips for Tuesday

May 12, 2009

How to have FREE Love

Email / text or phone call at work. (keep it clean – don’t want to make the computer/ IT guys blush) Just something quick and just a matter of checking in with him. This has helped my hubby and me to stay connected and really gives me a heads up to how his day is going – and possibly if he needs a little extra TLC after a rough day. The reverse is also true. In this age of hyper-communication this is a great way to stay connected. It’s quick and easy and really little effort. I timed my most recent phone call and it was two minutes! Just a quick hello, how was your day, just wanted to check in and let you know I love you. When I suggested this to one friend she kind of laughed and said that if she did that to her husband, that the first thing he would ask is, “What’s wrong?” I then shared the fact that I had started this “ritual” about 4 years ago and realized once, after a particularly busy day herding my little men around, that my usual lunch-time phone call was forgotten. Of course, I didn’t realize this until mid-afternoon when my husband called me! He’d gotten so in the habit of that call, that he missed hearing from me and called to make sure all was OK. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some days when we both are busy that calls are missed, but as a whole, it gives us a minute to touch base – and for me, to tell him some things that I may want to discuss further that evening. Goodness knows at the five o’clock “witching hours” my memory for talking points is shot not to be remembered until the kiddos are in bed…then again, that is if I remember before falling into my normal comatose state at that point!

– Do you remember when folks used to send snail mail?? (gasp! I know!) How about the Caillou episode where all Caillou’s mom got in the mail was “Bills, bills, bills”? Caillou wants to send his mommy a card to make her feel better and guess what?? It did! You know you love it. Going to the mailbox and getting a card or note in the mail is like hitting the jackpot for a bright spot in your day. Well, if that is how you feel, then what about sending your spouse a just because card? I do know some folks who put notes in their spouse’s luggage when they travel, but if they don’t travel much, what about putting something in the mail to be received at home, or work, or on his pillow? Send your girlfriend a quick note saying that you are glad to know she’s there when you need her and if you haven’t said it lately, thanks! (yes, you may talk to that friend at least once a day anyway, but why not spread the sunshine….especially on a rainy day.) It doesn’t have to be much, just a little something. Trust me, a little goes a long way with your girlfriends, but also with your honey. Or your kids?? Don’t you remember when mom used to stick a note in your lunch box? I heard it said recently, that notes happen a lot during the early years of school (kindergarten and first grade) when it is especially hard for little ones to read by themselves, so the teachers have to help, but what about sticking a piece of candy on an index card and a quick note to your tween or teen? (Attach some sweet tarts and say something corny like “I love you, sweet-tart” – I bet you a nickle you get at least a smile if not a slight eye roll – but they will remember it.)

– Last, but not least, having trouble getting things together for a date night? Fun budget went out with your kids new shoes budget? (be sure to check out Amee’s tips for clothes shopping – but if that is still not enough) why not have date night IN? Be creative. It doesn’t take much money all it takes is a little planning and thought. The days are getting longer and the weather a tad warmer. Why not send your hubby an invitation (yes, another index card) to meet you on the back deck, share some adult beverages, some left over pizza or a special dinner that you have set aside after giving the kiddos their favorite “kid fare”. Conversation that is uninterrupted? Priceless!

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