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Fashion Special Edition: The Swim suit

May 15, 2009

Special Edition the swimsuit surprise
This weekend we went to Great Wolf Lodge. This is an indoor water park in Williamsburg, Virginia. I threw all of the items two kids under five would need in a bag sans my swimsuit and headed out for our road trip. We got to the park I got everyone in their suits applied sunscreen, filled their bellies, and found all the necessities goggles, towels, shoes. Then I went to put on my bathing suit. OH! MY! Where has my bottom gone? Why is this suit full of snags? When did those crinkles in the cups occur? Moral of the story try on your swimsuit!!! I had not worn this suit in quite awhile since I was pregnant last summer. It was probably years ago that I placed this black one piece on. I figured I better wear a one piece so the baby doesn’t have me arrested for exposure when she grabs at my suit.

STEP 2: Face the torture… That is right finding a swimsuit is torture of the worst kind. First, leave the kids at home. Second, grab an HONEST friend. You do not want o bring the friend that says that looks great when it doesn’t. Third, drive to a place with a lot of stores. Fourth, try on several shapes and sizes of suits. Fifth, pick a suit that flatters what you have and covers what you wish would disappear.

Avoid prints on the bottom you are not a billboard
Buy a suit that comes in separates and pick the size that actually fits your top and the one that fits your bottom.
While in the dressing room try to move around squat down stand up over and over again
Does the suit stay in place? Really, ladies we are no longer the ladies that lounge at the pool in suits that are for show. Look for fit, comfort, and contour.

Swimsuit tip video available at

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