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Get More Bang for Your Buck

May 21, 2009
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Have you ever noticed that some companies offer bonus packs, free samples with a purchase or larger sizes of a product?

Well, from now on, start paying attention to the items on the shelf. Let’s take the Kraft BBQ sauce for example. Today I went to Food Lion (I really dislike this store, but I was desperate!) and I noticed the Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for .99¢. I remembered I had the $1.00 of coupons from the Kraft printables last week. As I searched for the original flavor, I discovered two different sizes. AND to my joy, they were both listed at the same price. So, I ended up getting the 28oz size that says 55% more. The 18oz size was on the shelf as well and a person not paying attention would have likely picked up the smaller size. (For this picture, I pulled out a 18oz BBQ sauce I already had. Did you really think I would have bought a smaller size just for a picture?)bbq sauce

I got two bottles of the 28oz Kraft BBQ Sauce for FREE today. Which is perfect since tomorrow we are having pulled pork sandwiches; with the pork roast I got from Harris Teeter last week for .88¢/lb. See how this works, plan your meals around the sales!~

Okay, back to what to look for at the store. The drug stores and chain stores (Target) are notorious for offering bonus packs. Always check the end caps. The stores will often put the bonus packs there. Also, check the bottles at the back of the shelf. Sometimes those bonus sizes are hidden behind the regular size.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Just pay attention as you look at the shelves. You will be surprised by all of the different sizes and bonus offers.




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