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Fashion Friday add a little chic for cheap

May 22, 2009

The quest to satisfy my clothing addiction continues… The good news is it is all within the budget just $20.00 a week. I do also have a $100.00 seasonal clothing budget which I dipped into for the shoes in this post. I must admit I spend more on clothing than just $20.00 a week, well kinda of… I sell what I am not wearing to consignment shops, on EBay, or I get cash on the spot at Plato’s Closet. I then take that money and spend it on new duds!! If you buy quality designer clothing that are classics, you can resell them at a later date. I also host clothing swaps to get “new” to me clothing from my friends. I must also admit that people plan these swaps around me since I always have stuff to trade!!  

I skipped last week in order to address the horrors of swimsuit shopping. I spent just over $50.00 on three completely different swimsuits. If you combine that with the yellow coat from Natalie’s Dressed and the Michael Kors shoes in this post from EBay you will see how I spent the extra $100.00 for this season!! Good news is I have a couple of items to sell!!

Since I skipped last week I had $40.00 to spend on this post

Here is how I spent the $40.00 (well I have some left over)

The gold and tan shorts are from JCrew, orginally $99 sale price $19.99

Black Silk Ralph Lauren Blouse, a steal at $3.50 Goodwill

Ann Taylor Loft shirt in white, bought on sale for $9.99 at the outlet 

Michael Kors shoes Ebay $24.99 savings over $200.00

Previous purchase amounts:

Jeans from a previous post AG $3.50 Goodwill

Green Purse Walmart $9.99

Here are some mix and match looks





This is what I bought so far HERE  

total $218.45








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