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Cvs at 15%

May 24, 2009




Today at CVS I spent a ton of money! I mean a ton of money to me. I had to pay for my order. I mean pay? REALLY, use cash. This happen so rarely that the cashier was SHOCKED!  I had to pay $13.87 for all the above items after all my coupons and the ECB it came out that I actually owed CVS money. I was upset. I usually leave with about $1.00 or less out of pocket or with CVS owing me money for my bags of groceries/ beauty products.

What happened you asked?

Aveeno Body wash $3.75 used a $2.00 off coupon out of pocket $1.75

Gain Laundry detergent $5.99 -$2.00 in ECB -$1.00 final cost $2.99

Hershey Kisses- 2 bags for $5.00- $1.50 CVS coupon final cost $3.50

Neutrrogena sunscreen Promo is buy 2 get $10 in ECB so I bought one at $7.99 and another at $11.99 (notice I got a free one because it was a bonus pack) I had 2 $2.00 off coupons so $19.98 -$4 in coupons the $10 in ECB= $5.98

The Diapers were $8.99 I had $3.50 worth of coupons. $1.50 manufactors coupon and a $2.00 CVS coupon. STACK those COUPONS!!

Out of pocket $5.49                                                                                                                          TOTAL -$21.40

I had a spend $40 get $5 off coupon sent right to my email


REGISTER your email with CVS to get super coupons. So back down to 16.40.

So how did I pay just $13.87?? I used coupons that I made money . I made $1.40 on the two boxes of Band Aids and I made $.01 on the toothpaste, $.01 on the nail color , about $2.00 on the Neutrogena make-up  and $.01 on the playtex.  What did I spend on the rest of the items above. Well they were FREE after extra Care Buck. I have gained prospective yes, I spent money but I bought items I needed and I only paid 15% of the retail SALES price.                                                                                                                  THEN it dawned on me the “old” me would have paid the $88.00 and thought I got a great deal!                                

Who knew a little piece of paper with a barcode could change your outlook so much.



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