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May 26, 2009

rebate checks

I must confess I am rebate obsessed..

it all started with the Unilever promotion… I mean free ham or turkey. In my mind I calculated a new pair of shoes or a whole outfit based on the way I shop with that money. I have since decided the hunt for getting free products is fun. I spend a couple of minutes filling out my forms and mailing them. It is worth my time!

What did I get you ask? Well a free bag of IAMS $7.49 for the dog (got the rebate form at CVS bought the dog food at supermarket) , a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and a styling product for myself $10.99 (at rite aid.. The bottle had a try it for free tag and the conditioner was free. I decided to do just that), a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate $3.99 (at staples.. I was hungry while shopping for printer ink).  So $22.49 in free stuff!! 

How do you do a rebate?

I fill out the forms

Address the envelope or go online to fill out the form.

I place the form filled out with the address for redemption on a piece of paper with my receipt. I scan it into my computer and I copy it. 

I place the date that I sent it out at the top.

I click on calendar on my yahoo account and I look for the middle of the wait period if it is 4-6 weeks. I select the date that is 5 weeks out and I set a reminder.


Please, do not buy things if you can not afford to wait on the rebates!!! It is only fun if you are not going in debt.

I take the money I get from the rebates and stick it in my kids college funds. I subtract the amount from my weekly budget which is self imposed because I like a good challenge!


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