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TIPS Tuesday

May 26, 2009


Making each child feel special one date at a time


We have been talking a little bit lately about how to set aside time with you and your spouse in an effort to nurture your relationship . I thought today we might expand that to your relationship with your child or children. Spending quality time with each child, especially  if you have more than one, is something that means so much to them, and like time with your spouse, really doesn’t have to be that costly. Here are some ways that you and your children might be able to spend some quality time together and allow them to feel special.

Doing the kids workshops at both Home Depot and Lowe’s  and then a lunch of Happy Meals for you both giving your child both toys (or bringing the extra one home for another child at home)

“camping” put up a tent a real one or one you made using blankets and pretend to camp.

A picnic lunch pick a place and make lunch together for a fun day

Go to the bookstore or library read them a book and then get  lunch.

Putt-putt and breakfast or lunch.

volunteer somewhere show your child that helping others is an important part of being a good person

go on a photo treasure hunt.. make a list of items that they need to take pictures of and let the hunt begin

go seasonal fruit picking.. then come home and make a special treat

run in the sprinklers and get out the slip and slide

take their special truck or doll on a tour of….. write about their adventure and have your child illustrate the book

Dance! I mean turn on the radio get on socks and slide all around to the music

Go one a walk or bike ride

Go fishing

Get your nails done together

Have a tea party

Cook a special meal together and sit on the floor with a blanket to enjoy it

Go to a park get some bubbles and run after them

Go to a college or High School sporting event. It is usually quite inexpensive and a lot of fun.

Find a free concert and take a blanket some food and enjoy some culture

Take your child to different restaurant to try new foods…

Lastly, when extended family ask what the kids want for birthdays or even Christmas, we say family memberships or gift cards to something we can do as a family. Then as a thank you, I usually promise to send pictures of our adventures each time we go.  Local children’s museums offer family memberships for the price of what it would cost our family to go two or three times AND many have reciprocal agreements with other children’s museums around the nation – that way when you travel to see grandma in California and they have a children’s museum nearby, you may have the opportunity to use the membership you have to go see something new! This information is usually found under membership info  on the museum website. Also, gift cards to the local putt putt place or bowling centers are a hit around here and provide me with something to do on breaks with the kids when the weather is appropriate for each activity.  

Happy building of memories…and don’t forget your camera!

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