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Real People Saving REAL Money

May 31, 2009

“Hey ladies,

Just thought I’d let you know that I put your training to work today.  I saved $50 at Harris Teeter!  I was so proud of myself and shocked.  I’m not fully ready yet (I have some more registering to do) but I thought that was really really good for a first time.  That paid for the ice cream maker I got today.  And our fridge/freezer is PACKED. 

I can see that it’s going to take a lot more organization to do this successfully.  But really, everythings online.  I checked the fliers online, made grocery lists, compiled those with my coupons…  I’m sure it will get even easier with time.

Thank you SO much for doing the coupon workshop.  :)”


Madame Deals- Sonia was confident in her new found skills so she decided to apply them at CVS and this is what she wrote us 🙂

“And I went to CVS tonight and saved 50% there too.  Amee’s right.  This is fun!  My husband asked me where I wanted to go and eat for our anniversary and I told him to let me find a coupon!  :)”

Madame Deals- Our program helps everyone take control of  their spending one shopping trip at a time. Please, note it is not what you save it is what you spend and She spent 50% less on the items she needed.

Go Sonia! We are so proud of you! If you need anything let us know!

PS: Send us some ice cream!


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