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Real People Saving REAL Money

June 1, 2009

coupon spring savings

Couponing isn’t just for the gals!

My husband does it does yours? My husband is so excited he is going to get trained to start teaching our workshop. He tells everyone about how I reformed my spending.  If you knew me you would know that is “HUGE”. Our workshops are not just for the gals either.  We love to have men attend or couples who want to  learn together. The  art of saving money is not just one person’s responsibility.  One of our students shares his first experience using our system!!  Bryan, we are so excited for you and your family !


“Just got done with my first trip using what I learned at your
workshop.  I think I did pretty good and got a lot of good stuff that
I actually use and wanted.  It was a bit of a long trip as I wandered
up and down the isles flipping through my binder trying to snoop out
the deals, but I think it paid off.  I think as I get more experience
my time will go down.  Oh, and anyone thinking that it is all
toothpaste and deodorant think again.
 I got stuff my wife and I
wanted just used coupons and strategy.  SO here are the stats:

Retail – $310.73
Savings – $175.65
Spent – $135.08
Savings – 57%

Big items were:
260 diapers
4 london broils
3.5 lbs of pork tenderloin
3 – 30 count frozen shrimp

Not bad for a rookie.  I really want to try out CVS.  It is my next
mission.  Thanks!”

Madame deals- Bryan,  is just like a lot of you he is a new dad and new to couponing but he loves his family and knows the value of money.

We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals! Attend our workshop! We are also working on a podcast for our friends who can not attend in person.

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