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Is this Sam’s Club or Nordstrom’s

June 5, 2009

Calling all large warehouse shoppers….


BCBG Dress for MUCH less

BCBG Dress for MUCH less


So, there aren’t any dressing rooms, sales people, or make -up counters; but there are great clothing deals to be found. You even have to pay to get in. However, I saved the cost of the club membership on the purchase of this dress. Sam’s club cost just $40.00 a year for an individual membership. Click Here

Have you seen the designer clothes and accessories?

I mean, I know it is super to buy your dog food at Sam’s, BJs, or Costco. But how about Prada, Coach, BCBG, Kenneth Cole,  Movado, and Ray Band to name a few? I set out each week to find fashionable looks for under $20.00. This week was no different on my trek around Sam’s club. I decided to peruse the clothing aisle and to my surprise there was the most versatile black dress in a jersey knit. It gets better, it is BCBG and only $19.77. This dress is easy to pack, accessorize, and wear. It is also extremely easy on the wallet.  The way this dress bunches in all the right places will leave my husband speechless.  I was also thrilled to see they had amazing deals for the men in my life. There were swim trunk sets for my little boy and swim trunks for my husband all for less than $20.00. I, of course, wandered over to the dresses for my little girl and even they were less than $20.00. Amazing! Get to your warehouse store now and buy your wardrobe in “bulk”.


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