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Rite Aid Paid Me!

June 7, 2009

I had a great trip to Rite Aid. After I receive my SCR, I will actually make .21¢ on today’s trip. Yeah, not a huge moneymaker but, it is better than paying!

Rite aid 6/7

(1) Phillips headphone, (1) stridex pads, (1) Noxzema razor, (1) Orajel Prebrush gel,  (1) Airwick I-Motions,  (2) candy bars, (1) Crest Spinbrush (Clearance for $3.50), and (1) Ziploc Gallon storage bags (Clearance for $1.50).

So they were out of the Contact Solution which was one of the primary reasons I went. So, I had to purchase other items so that I could use the $5/25. Always, have a backup plan in case they are out of something.

Paid: $18.29 (after coupons)

Will submit for SCR for: $18.50

Note: The Spinbrush was on clearance, used -$1.00 coupon, and there is a $2.00 SCR! Makes it .50¢! Look for them at your store!


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