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TV how do I pay less

June 10, 2009


Help me I am trying to apply my frugality to my TV. I find that after my power bill my cable bill is the next largest. I believe that being frugal means getting the same service or tangible item for less. Here is what I have and I asking you to tell me how to get it for less.. We have four Tvs hooked up with cable. We only use two of those TVS but with Cable it doesn’t matter. We have DVR which I need to record Word World so I can cook dinner in peace 🙂  We have a TV that is High Definition so I like using that feature. We currently pay almost $90.00 with tax and we only have the one level above basic cable. HELP! 

Here is what I did already I order 2 digital converter boxes for the TVS that we do not use. I used this Link

Here is what I need to be able to do.. We need PBS , ESPN, HGTV, BRAVO, and Fox, ABC, CBS. I have to be able to watch football both pro and college. (GO GATORS) Like I said before I am not willing to give up something I enjoy but I would like to pay less 🙂 HELP!

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  1. Salad permalink
    June 10, 2009 2:16 pm

    I have had good luck in the past negotiating with cable providers. It costs them nothing to serve a house, and they are in desperate need of cash flow to pay their massive infrastructure debt, so they love a steady monthly stream of cash. In the case of satellite providers they actually have the capability to let you pick channels from a menu. They just don’t like to do it unless they are about to lose your business.

    Be prepared to switch to a competitive service if they won’t bend. Satellite plans are available from 19.99 (assuming you are paying $90 it must be comcast. So even in the case that they won’t bargain, you save 70 dollars minus fees by switching. If the 90 includes your internet access, you have the option to either keep it with CC or go to DSL from Embarq.

  2. madamedeals permalink*
    June 10, 2009 2:52 pm

    I wish it included the internet 🙂

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