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Aldi Deals 6/21

June 21, 2009

Tips for saving Aldi

Be sure to read Good, True and Beautiful’s tips for shopping at Aldi. It’s full of valuable insights about how this unique grocery store operates (if you don’t know about the carts you should definitely check it out!)


– PurAqua Purified Water, $2.99
– Crayola Coolers Flavored Water, $2.29
– Arizona Tea Fruit Drinks, $0.79
– Kirkwood Safari Adventure Chicken Nuggets, $3.99
– Kirkwood Chicken Breast Strip Fritters, $3.29
– Kirkwood Grilled Buffalo Strips, $7.99
– Fit & Active Fresh Chicken Entrees, $2.29
– Brookdale White Chicken Salad Kit, $1.69
– Lunch Mate Premium Deli Slices, $2.99
– Happy Farms Cheese Tray, $3.99
– Season’s Choice Whole Onion Rings, $1.89
– Valley View Buffalo Fries, $1.99
– Kraft Boca Burger, $2.49
– Pringles, $1.79
– Ghiradelli Brownie Mix, $1.99
– Grandessa Signature Fruit Bars, $1.99
– Popsicle Firecracker Sour Pops, $2.69
– Carlini Grilling Cooking Spray, $1.39
– Stonemill Marinade Mixes, $0.59
– July 4th Plates and Napkins, $0.99
– 48 Count Cutlery, $0.99

There are also some really fun summer time gizmos on special purchase this week, so visit here to see what else Aldi is offering (including a HUGE water slide and bike helmets for boys and girls)!

Remember, Special Purchase prices start at different times across the country. Most stores will have these prices on Sundays, but as you can see from the map below, some stores will be delayed until Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly!


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