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June 25, 2009

Ask A Teacher

Renae and Amee

In the interest of keeping our website as one that addresses the needs of our readers we are starting a weekly topic. We are calling it ask A Teacher. Renae and myself are both teachers. I am a certified Regular and Special Education teacher.  Renae is certified in Adult Education. We are also both moms, wives, and friends. We will answer a question from one of our readers each week. If you are going to ask about your child please, use a fake name.

I get requests all the time from my friends asking me to review their concerns. Then they ask how I would address them. I decided that some of you may share some of my friends’ concerns. You can email us at e-mail icon

This is a request I got this week. How do I get my child to stop saying NO to me?

The answer is easy do not use question that will illicit a no or yes response. If you want your child to get on their shoes say,”Which pair of shoes do you want to wear the red ones or the blue ones?”

If you need your child to eat their veggies say, “Which vegetable are you going to eat first the green beans or the corn?”

If you need to get going say, ” It is time to leave now. Not do you want to go?”

Do not use these sentence starters Do you, Would you, Could you. Instead replace them with You need to… Get me the _____ please, when are you, where are you, how are you. etc. It is important to think before we speak. We need to mean what we say and say what we mean. I made a mistake today. I asked my son to get some cereal for his sister. I did not qualify my amount as you can see from the picture. My daughter ended up with a sensory activity instead of breakfast.


Ask away we all need help and we will do our best to provide you with the answers to your questions.



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