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Harris Teeter Trip

June 25, 2009

We love our gal Gina. She is one amazing shopper! Here is what she did at Harris Teeter. Follow her tips they are the ones we teach in our coupon workshop.

Today was a fabulous day for me at Harris Teeter. I purchased $125.90 worth of groceries for only $10.86 using coupons (91% savings). So how did I do it? Well first I looked at both the coupon match ups from Madame Deals  and my own list of match ups from my blog Fun Fabulous and Frugal, here. I used my binder (the very same one we make at our workshop) to find the coupons for the 20 items that my family needed the most. I put all of the coupons into a baseball card holder (mine is labeled Harris Teeter so that I can pull out the right sheet at the right store). When I got to the store, I opened my binder and used my sheet full of coupons as my shopping list. When I put an item into my cart I moved the coupon to a new baseball card sheet. When I had 20 cpns in the sheet I was done shopping…it’s that easya. Before I got into line I pulled all of my coupons out of the sheet and stacked them so that my coupons for free items were at the bottom of the stack. Voila! I stood at the checkout smiling from ear to ear as my total amount due got smaller and smaller and smaller. A few tips from my trip:

  • If you have the $1.50 Pert Plus for Men cpn buy 2 of them. The coupon will double to $3 and the price for two (because they are BOGO this week) is only $3.27. So you can get one for free or two for only $0.27. I decided two for $0.27 was fabulous because to me only getting one seemed like a waste of double coupon.
  • Go to to get a rebate on the Pert Plus. You MUST buy a bottle that has a Try Me Free! Sticker attached you will need it for the rebate.
  • Use your free Oscar Mayer hot dog cpn this week because they are on sale BOGO so you will get both for free.
  • Use your free chocolate cpn if you have on on the B2G3 deal so you can get 4 for free!

They are definitely following the 20 cpn limit so plan on making more than one trip on different days if you want to maximize your savings and use more than 20 cpns. I am thrilled that many of the items I purchased today were things my family needed and I got them for free, usually with these types of sales I am mostly adding to my stockpiles. How did you do at Harris Teeter this week? Good luck! Hope to see your comments at Fun, Fabulous, and Frugal sometime soon!

Harris Teeter 625

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