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About Us

Renae and Amee

We are moms and friends who enjoy the art of saving money. We want to make the most out of our budget so we can live life to the fullest. Teaching our readers how to save money while looking and feeling good is our goal. After all,everyday we have the ability to inspire, aid, and empower someone.



Amee: I am a happily married lady living in Virginia. I enjoy raising our Angel and Cherub while staying home (well most of the time sometimes I just need an hour to myself). I love children and I hold a Master’s degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in Special Education. I have taught in several states while my husband was serving in the Navy. I hope to inspire people to believe in themselves and create a better standard of living whether it be through fashion or finance. 

Renae: I am mom of two wonderful boys who keep me running! I am a California girl married to an East Coast man and that is how I landed in Virgina. I work part time as a Registered Dental Hygienist (that is why I love all of that free toothpaste!). I love to teach and actually taught dental hygiene before my boys came along. I have a Masters in Adult Education. Although teaching a coupon workshop doesn’t require a Masters degree, I am glad to be back in the teaching forum! I have always been a “bargain” shopper and have used coupons for years. In the last year I have became more involved in the “coupon game”. I started out learning how to shop CVS and the rest is history! I am actually ADDICTED to couponing! It is my hobby and I hope to teach you some tricks too.

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