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Online Shopping Rebates

Ebates, Cashbaq & Caregivers Marketplace Information




Click image to sign up!
Click image to sign up!


Ebates is an on-line Rebate program. Basically, you are offered a percentage of the purchase price back via check or paypal. There are hundreds of companies that work withEbates, including Target, Ebay, Office Depot, Gap, and many more.

To get stsrted sign up for an account withEbates. You will instantly earn $5.00 for signing up and making your first purchase through Ebates. Important, you must initiate your shopping with Ebates. Here are the steps after sign-up:

  • Sign in to your Ebates account.
  • Look for the store you want to purchase from.
  • Click on the store and a new window will open. Ebates will track your order.
  • You will then shop as you normally do.
  • In a couple of days, you will see your credit in your Ebates account.

Ebatesissues your rebate or refund on a quarterly basis. You can choose either pay-pal or a check. It’s that easy!

 Click on the Cashbaq image to sign up!


Cashbaq is another on-line rebate company which is very similar to Ebates. The same principles apply, sign up for an account and initiate your shopping from Cashbaq. Cashbaq also offers a $5.00 sign up bonus.

 Cashbaqoffers a great referral program. Do you know any friends that are on-line shopaholics? Not only will you get 10% of what your friends earn, but 5% of what their friends earn and 2% of what their friends earn if your friends sign up with your referral.



 The reason why I belong to both Ebates and Cashbaq is that they offer a different percentage back at some of the stores. I will check both sites before I order and determine which site will give me the best rebate. Also, the offers and percentage back are always changing.
Around Christmas time last year, I did a lot of online shopping. Much easier than taking two kids to the store! In Febuary I got a check for around $18.00 from Ebates and $15.00 from Cashbaq. It sounded too good to be true but, my checks came no problem!  


Caregiver Logo

Caregivers Marketplace:

The Cargivers Marketplace offers rebates on baby care and adult care items. All that is required is that you are a caregiver. You can earn .75¢ back on each Huggies diapers pack, $1.00 back on Balmex, and .75¢ back on each Pull-ups pack. Go HERE to read more on this program.

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